Social Stratification And Racism : How It Affects Our Lives Essay

Social Stratification And Racism : How It Affects Our Lives Essay

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Social stratification and racism where all social inventions created by western societies, and it still plays a huge role in our daily lives. Depending on what social class you were born into or the color of your skin can determine how well of a life you can life and the opportunities presented by these silly factors. It’s unfortunate how having a specific skin color can either help you or hold you back on your potential. This is real issues faced by the minorities in America and how these factors can affect everything in their lives.
One factor we can discuss is the environment individuals are put in how it affects them in their daily life. For instance, if you’re a Black-American young boy living in a rough neighbored you have more negatives than positive. It would be 10 times harder for this young boy to succeed in life than a White-American boy who lives in a good neighbor. But how can this affect them? There are several considerations to take in, for example, there is a higher rate of mental illness in the poor than in the rich (Brill 40). Poverty can lead to high levels of stress that in turn may lead individuals to commit theft, robbery, or other violent acts. Furthermore, poverty may lead to an actual or perceived inferior education, which would cause youth to count on less access to quality schools, jobs, and role models, decreasing the opportunity costs of crime and increasing the probability of youth spending time on the street associating with gangs, etc (Ludwig 1). Although class status is not fully determined at birth in open class societies, there is a high probability that most people will stay close to the class into which they were born and will marry in that class. The same group of people in one specific clas...

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...ed with possession of just 1 gram of crack are given the same sentence as those found in possession of 18 grams of cocaine. These unfair sentencing targets crack users, who are more likely to be black, low-income and less educated. Politicians over the years have advocated and created harsher laws again drugs like these creating a never ending cycle that cannot be broken.
To conclude, in today’s society key factors such as your social class and your skin color can determine and shape you differently than someone else born with different traits than you. Having the upper hand gives you the opportunity to obtain economic resources, power, and prestige. We wish that we could live in a social where opportunities are presented equality for everyone giving the opportunity to reach our full potential despite our variation of our skin color or the family we were born into.

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