Social Strategies Used By Tuareg Efl Learners Essay

Social Strategies Used By Tuareg Efl Learners Essay

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Social Strategies

Quantitatively, the statistical analysis revealed that (a) working in a group, (b) asking the classmate for meaning or (c) the teacher for an Arabic translation or a synonym of new English vocabulary were the most frequently used social strategies used by Tuareg EFL learners to discover the meanings of novel vocabulary. The qualitative analysis of the interview transcripts demonstrated that the participants perceived these strategies to be very helpful and an easy way to discover the meanings of unknown words. The participants’ perspectives suggested that they have a strong affinity for cooperative learning to learn the meanings of new vocabulary. In fact, their reliance on cooperative learning goes beyond the boundaries of the classroom and included other students outside the class who are better than them in English. This is an interesting finding because it shows how passionate Tuareg EFL learners are in learning English language, which was clearly illustrated in the results obtained from the demographic section of the questionnaire in chapter 4 where 54% of learners perceived English language to be very useful, 36% indicated they wanted to learn English to be able to communicate with speakers of English or pursing graduate study or for the future job. The participants’ perspectives gleaned from the interviews suggest that their positive attitudes and motivations towards the language and its speakers were main impetus behind this passion and the strong desire in learning English language (Gardner & Lambert, 1972; Gardner, 2010; Dörnyei, 2005; Dörnyei & Ushioda, 2011), and of course, learning another language and with its speakers will not take place without a mediation of its vocabulary. Therefore, EFL Tuareg...

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...ners’ affinity for social strategies is stimulated from Tuaregs sociocultural beliefs, norms and traditions of collaboration in all aspects of their lives, which was evidently highlighted in participants’ perspectives in the interviews. For example, when Ibrahim was asked about strategies he uses to discover the meanings of new words, he cheerfully acknowledged that “there is a proverb in our language, which says a person who asks others for help will never be lost”. Such statements shed a light on the fact why the participants are drawn to social strategies in learning vocabulary in class. The beliefs of the distinguished scholars in vocabulary learning and the findings gleaned from the current study help us understand why EFL learners in different learning contexts and cultural backgrounds prefer certain strategies over others to discover and learn new vocabulary.

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