Essay on Social Status Corruption : The Great Gatsby

Essay on Social Status Corruption : The Great Gatsby

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Social Status Corruption
What would you consider your class to be: lower, middle or higher? What makes a class high, middle, or low? In a book called The Great Gatsby, a show called Mad Men, and an article called Blue Collar Brilliance, all in the olden days, each proves the way America has a class ranking and pending on your rank could mean you have a great life or a terrible one. In The Great Gatsby, the higher class or rich people, has it all but how did they get there? We know Jay Gatsby cheated his way up by investing in illegal activities. The rest of the people in high class could have gotten there the same way or were born rich or achieved their wealth by labor. In Mad Men, Don Draper cheated his way too. Even though he works hard everyday for a business to keep this wealth, he once switched identities with a dead man. In Blue Collar Brilliance, the lower class, or some could say middle class, had what they needed. They worked because they had to. The lower class people had something the higher class did not: happiness. Since they had this happiness, they felt like they were all right. The higher class was always searching for money like hungry dogs. They always got what they wanted and they never knew what it was like to be satisfied since they always wanted more. Social status/class ranking significance pends on the time era and people, but whether it is low or high class/status, being intelligent means the most. The main text in this paper is Blue Collar Brilliance. The Great Gatsby and Mad Men help portray the social status for Blue Collar Brilliance by showing how significant it was for them to be high class and obtain and keep their wealth.
The ranking of class whether it is social or labor, seems to be unrealisti...

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...cause they feel like in order to be something or be known, you have to have tons of wealth. In Mad Men, social status/class is important only for certain people, those who are in it for the money. In Blue Collar Brilliance, social status/class means nothing to them because they are happy with what they are doing. Even though the importance varies, we can make the conclusion that intelligence is what matters the most. Each story uses it, whether it is for money or for a company, they all use their brain according to their different lifestyles.
Social status/class ranking significance pends on the time era and people, but whether it is low or high class/status, being intelligent means the most. Social status/class ranking importance depends on which class you are referring to. It was much more important then than it is now, but having smarts has a lot to do with it.

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