Essay The Social Solutions Of Wealth And Poverty

Essay The Social Solutions Of Wealth And Poverty

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The Social Solutions of Wealth and Poverty
The evidence of this economic inequality is ubiquitously. Income and wealth is an essential part in supporting basic physical and mental health, however, it is distributed unequally throughout the globe creating wealth and poverty stricken social classes. There are solutions available in diminishing and preventing the wealth and poverty inequality. The vast amounts of prosperity can be distributed equally between the different social classes and poverty can be reduced, if not complete eradicated. Problem-solving with different political ideologies can prevent an increase in the lack of fiscal means. The economy in the United States is unequal and unfair, though solutions are accessible to create financial fairness and equality.
The upper social class contains the richest communities. Wealth clearly has its benefits such as financial freedom, fulfilling wants without second thoughts, and it improves overall quality of life. However, there are several known problems associated with being wealthy. Money tends to be used as a cover up and distracts people from fixing the root of their problems which may induce depression and cause isolation from lower social classes, having a vast amount of money can cause stress and guilt because they are busy protecting and being parsimonious over their money. I believe that income and wealth redistribution will solve these social problems. Redistribution will solve the financial inequality issue and allow people with lower incomes to save and build their fund more rapidly. Reducing the amount of wealth the upper class communities have to a reasonable amount will also greatly lower their problems and concerns. They will be able to keep track of their mon...

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...educe economic inequality and provide for a more equal economy throughout the population.
Poverty has existed for a very long time, and to varying extents it still remains as the upper and lower social classes. Wealth inequality is prevalent worldwide, even here in the United States. Emotional issues accompanies individuals with excessive income and redistributing their wealth would provide a gateway for those concerns. Redistribution would also lower the poverty rates in the lower social classes. More assistance for the lower classes would offer financial support and other benefits to increase their funds. Several political groups agree that having a good, higher education is vital in getting a good paying job to prevent becoming poverty stricken. The well-known wealth and poverty inequality problem can be controlled, solved, and eradicated with these resolutions.

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