Essay The Social Skills Of College

Essay The Social Skills Of College

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College is the time where students acquire an arrangement of skills and gain a network of people to outsource and build relationships with other students. This is mostly due to the social skills that they develop and learn on the college campus which is left out on the Minerva college program. Social skills which are very necessary for life itself developed a lot having a college campus to freely speak to other students and faculty and this is missing out of Minerva 's college education.
The social skills aspect of college is highly advantageous for a student to develop socially. It benefits the students to build a branch of colleagues that are interested in the same program or has the same academic standard as them. In an online platform this experience would be missed out on especially since the freshman year of the students term is being taken at home due to the founder Ben Nelson saying “the freshman year should not exist…”(509). But instead of students having to select what choice of classes they want to go into they have to take what are called the “Co...

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