The Social Side Of The Career Essay

The Social Side Of The Career Essay

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Physicians can be some of the most brilliant minds in science and in discovering new cures or technologies, but many neglect the social side of the career. Interacting with patients and co-workers, working on a team together, staying confident in times of crisis, and upholding a positive image are also many important parts of the career. The Intimate Relationships class and Family Social Science minor really have brought to light the intimate relationships I someday will hopefully be able to form with patients.

I want to go into Oncology with an emphasis in pediatrics. Oncology will be emotionally difficult especially if the majority of my patients are adolescents, but also so rewarding. Unlike some other health professions, I will make connections and bonds with my patients throughout the countless visits and hard decision making. I need to be able to put myself at an intimate level with the patients and their families so that they can trust my decisions and advice that I will give them in difficult times. One way to gain this trust is to be an authentic person.

Authenticity is defined as consciously bringing your whole self into intimate relationships. It entails the willingness to listen to and consider feedback from others and incorporate feedback as appropriate. (Mendenhall, Chapter 8, Page 112) I strive to find a working definition of myself. Self-reflection is important when dealing with authenticity. I need to be willing to try to step into their shoes and feel what they are feeling so that I can be as relatable as possible to them. I will never fully be able to understand what tragedy that are going through with their child, but attempting to comprehend their fear and uncertainty can lead me to a greater understan...

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...ith others. Learning about yourself and how to interact with others is one thing everyone should be taught to do.

Self-reflection can uncover many hidden secrets about oneself and can help you understand yourself on a personal level. Recognizing your attachment style can help you strive to gain the secure attachment with your loved ones or at the very least teach you how to maximize you awareness or your weaknesses. Recognizing the love style of your significant other can instruct you how to best show your love for them. Striving to build the Sound Relational House with your partner can build trust and happiness within the relationship.

Finding out who you are as a person, being vulnerable and honest with yourself, and overcoming your faults and weaknesses can not only help your intimacy with everyone you interact with but also how you interact with yourself.

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