Social Semiotic : The Semiotic Notion Of Communication Or Language As A System Of Signs

Social Semiotic : The Semiotic Notion Of Communication Or Language As A System Of Signs

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Social meaning making
Social semiotic draws on the semiotic notion of communication or language as a system of signs, which provides a range of potential meanings to its users. There is not difference between the code or langue and performance or use in the social semiotic. The actual meanings made are limited by the conditions of access and context: The cultural trajectories (historical map) of individuals and groups endows them with different dispositions and literacies. Cultural patterns we use to make sense always shapes and frames contexts.

Text is product and process. Texts are spread through time and space. They keep changing, so they don’t have final forms. They are changed through undergoing different kinds of communication within a culture. Texts and contexts are tied strongly. Contexts are the particular environment in which communication and meaning making occur. They establish the meaning of a text. The meaning of contexts depend on how each audience understands, because 1 text has various meanings, and 1 text is determined by the degree of seriousness against it.

Contexts can be separated by Field, Tenor, and Mode. First, Field. It means a meaningful activity within a social system. Fields regulate social action when they are under the over control of a central institution. The social action is not always “official field”, because a tractic which means using the “official” rules for own purposes sometimes happens.
Second, Tenor. It concerns the relations between participants and the positions they are being assigned. It is separated by social distance, emotion or attitude (affect), and power. Social distance means the positioning of the participants as socially intimate or distant. Affect means emoti...

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...e might depend which part the president of the company supports or whether the company has the funders of Liberty or Conservative. If people don’t know these things and they watch TV or read newspapers, their perceptions about politics are influenced unconsciously. Japan is small country, but the U.S. is big. There will be many companies of newspapers and TV. How about these companies?

・Newspaper ・TV Company
The Wall Street Journal CNN
USA Today CBS News
The New York Times NBC
Los Angeles Times ABC News
The Washington Post FOX News

Are there also any differences among local companies? I mean each state support different party, so does local company of each state have differences?

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