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1. Is necessary to develop the new social sciences because it exists as a result of the impact of two things happening in western intellectual traditions at the being of the 19th century. One is social theorists are becoming more and more interested in generalizing about human nature, its making statements about the general nature of human beings it is not just the history of the English people anymore, it’s the nature of human society. Two, is the impact of science on the thought processes of the European intellectual. What they are saying is that they discovered that science affords them the best results to understand the physical world because human beings are part of it. Science says you will believe only those conclusions that are logically derived from a body of empirical evidence. When you apply the concept of science in the study of human nature, so there is was a problem the problem is that their empirical data is logically insufficient to support any generalization about human nature and their empirical data was such a narrow biased sample, we know mostly about ourselves so if you want to generalize about human nature, you need a truly representative sample of human experience on earth but the existing social sciences aren’t providing it, so we need to get that information, therefore, we invented anthropology to do that. Anthropology is the discipline that is created to fill the informational gaps left by the other social sciences to provide information about all the other people on earth, so that combined with what we already know about us we get a truly representative sample and the truly representative sample provides the logical bases for generalization for human nature.
2. What Edward Burnett Tylor meant when h...

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... of the experience in human behavior would result in similarity in response predictive precision of the social science is inversely proportionally to the degree of variation of the experience of the persons observed and the experience of the person or persons who behavior is to be predicted.
11. The basics for believing “science will show you the truth, and the truth will set you free” Margaret Mead is looking at adolescence trauma in Samoa because she left behind a society back home in the USA where teenagers are having trouble growing up and it is a problem and she wants to make things better for them. The way that they will make things better is by finding what the source of the problem is so they can attack it and that way they can make it better. Looking at the Samoa’s help because it gives her kind of a layout of where teenagers are having problems growing up.

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