Essay on Social Science Theory Within Mixed Method Research Design

Essay on Social Science Theory Within Mixed Method Research Design

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Numerous ideas abound regarding how to address the revenue shortfall of the HTF, and most are based on social science theory within mixed-method research design (Creswell 2014, 69). Certain studies in the review have been quantitative (Marrero 2005) while others have been solely qualitative (Dominguez 2009; Shimokawa 2013; and Kemp 2008). The primary mixed-method design utilized in research has been convergent parallel mixed-methods design (Creswell 2014, 219-223). The research shows that the different methods all lead to results which support each other.
The problems manifested by a bankrupt HTF will have deleterious effects on our critical infrastructure. As the literature shows, several concepts have been forwarded which are offered as alternatives to the current revenue generation sources.
Public/private partnerships have been met with success and failure. For example, the Columbus Consolidated Government has been extremely successful utilizing PPP and has rarely experienced a failure. This is primarily due to strong experience and close relationships that have been built over time. However, a local PPP agreement is not going to get a media backlash like a federal PPP agreement. Haliburton was vilified for the amount of revenue generated as a contractor for the United States military in Iraq and Afghanistan. Any Haliburton misstep was blasted across television and the internet but Haliburton didn’t receive the anger of American citizens; the federal government did. Many times revenue short falls and the inability to provide basic services requires public entities to seek PPP arrangements. But those public entities must be aware that the private investor does not answer to the people; th...

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...politicians and public administrators tend to refer to the natural disaster that caused the failure, not necessarily the actual deficiencies in the infrastructure. That all dissipated when the I-35 Bridge collapsed in 2007. Nothing hit the bridge, no natural disaster occurred; it collapsed because it was flawed in design, outdated, and not built for 2007 traffic volumes. Now public administrators are looking at the aforementioned natural disaster scenarios as actual failures in the infrastructure.
These events have led to significant research on the crumbling infrastructure in the United States as well as the lack of funding needed for improvements and maintenance. As technology continues to advance at an amazing rate, so will new research possibilities and suggested options that will re-examine funding as well as how the infrastructure crisis can be mitigated.

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