Social Responsibility: Examples in Animal Farm by George Orwell, All My Sons by Arthur Miller and the Film "Corporation"

Social Responsibility: Examples in Animal Farm by George Orwell, All My Sons by Arthur Miller and the Film "Corporation"

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What is social responsibility? Social responsibility is an obligation to act in a way that benefits society at large, people can do this through working to help improve Earth’s sustainability through processes such as recycling, composting, and being polite to others. Thanking a police officer or veterans for their service, or confronting consequences and accepting them are just a few examples of social responsibility. Sadly, the vast majority of individuals are not socially responsible. We are often fueled by fear, and the fear of losing power is so devastating that we make irrational and socially irresponsible decisions. Then, when those individuals work in a business or group themselves into corporations, those corporations are not socially responsible either. I have made the following promises to myself about my individual and social responsibility: Be economically responsible, be socially friendly and be a good influence on others.
There are several ways in which an individual or a business can be socially responsible that we have seen in our reading. In Animal Farm by George Orwell, the pig, Napoleon, manipulated his workers to improve the farm in any way possible while still convincing them that he is a much better leader than their previous leader Mr. Jones. In All My Sons by Arthur Miller, the father tries to hide the truth and in doing so, causes the death of his own son. And finally in the movie “The Corporation” there is Shell, a big company that not only harvests much of the Earth's resources, but damages the environment in which it produces oil. I myself will be different from this. I shall be socially responsible by not exploiting the unintelligent, evaluating my decisions and the impact they have on society, and...

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...takes affect other people and how they affect me as an individual has lowered my standard as a human being.
Recently I have begun to evaluate every single instance of what I do and take action upon what I do in the manner that does not try to manipulate the outcome. For example, I have been trying to be a leader when it comes to my debate team. My debate team is very special to me, and I would never want to harm anyone on my team by making wrong decisions. So, I take action with my team in mind instead of giving orders to my teammates. It seems I have a stronger connection with them when this relationship of worker and leader is implemented.
At the end of it all, it seems that society is only going to get worse and we need to change our ways. As individuals and through that as a corporation, if we do, we will become morally better people and we will have happier

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