Social Psychology : The Israeli And Palestine Conflict Essay

Social Psychology : The Israeli And Palestine Conflict Essay

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Social Psychology
Social psychologist would or could label racial groups as in and out groups. White people would be the in group while people of color and minorities would be considered an out group. These groups might even be characterized by certain characteristics or stereotypes such as black men are thugs, criminals, and lazy and white men are preppy, educated, and wealthy. In a study done by Carol S. Dweck, she focused on the Israeli and Palestine conflict. There was an almost natural dislike for the supposed outgroup which made future positive interactions almost irrelevant (Dweck, 2011).
In groups and outgroups can further be explained by racial groups and even help account for racism. When an in group feels threatened, despite having the privilege or upper hand, they in some way degrade the outgroup. Researchers account this degradation of an outgroup as a protection of the in group versus an attack on the outgroup (Leyens, J., Paladino, P. M., Rodriguez-Torres, R., Vaes, J., Demoulin, S., Rodriguez-Perez, A., & Gaunt, R., 2000). Researchers also found that associating an outgroup with secondary emotions is extremely difficult, meaning there is a disconnect and a deep seeded “us” versus “them” mindset. The researchers in this example define secondary emotions as products. Anger is often considered a secondary emotion because it can be a product or result of sadness or confusion.
Glaser, Dixit, and Green (2002) interviewed white racists in racial chatrooms on the internet. The internet is a breeding ground for all types of behaviors making one feel less alone. With the security of a group and anonymity one may feel invincible behind a keyboard. Glaser, Dixit, and Green’s research was to identify if these p...

... middle of paper ... is for Africans, and White Countries are for Everyone.” My argument, which is one that many others’ have statement is that the United States, Canada, and Australia were never ‘intended’ to be white countries. They were inhabited by indigenous peoples who Europeans purposely spread disease to, stole land, commit mass genocides and forced ‘white’ assimilation to survive, eventually giving them a minuscule piece of their land that was deemed a reservation. On top of it all, many of these natives and indigenous people still have little privilege compared to their white counterparts. Even if the in group does feel threatened and this may be an act of protection versus an attack on the out group, it still presents as an attack and requires protective actions be taken for the out group. Not to mention creating an atmosphere of us and them further divides both groups.

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