Essay on Social Psychology And Self Concept

Essay on Social Psychology And Self Concept

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Social psychology plays a role in helping individuals understand themselves as well as the feelings and behaviors of other individuals. Self-concept is how one perceives and think about themselves. In social comparison theory, people are often comparing themselves to others. Upward social comparison occurs when an individual is comparing themselves to someone more successful than they are in aspects of abilities and skills. Self- fulfilling prophecy is an idea or prediction that is fulfilled due to the thought that alters the behavior.
The curiosity of how and why an individual behaves the way they do has crossed my mind several times. Through social psychology it has enabled me to understand many things including ideas and concepts that I did not comprehend myself. Self-concept, social comparison theory, and self-fulfilling prophecy allowed me to understand and relate these to my personal life. Not only have they shaped me but allowed me to gain a whole new perspective as well.
According to Carl Rogers, self-concept is how one perceives and thinks about themselves. In order to be aware of oneself, is to have self-concept. Self-concept is cultivated as an individual learns and experiences events in life. An individual may possess different perceptions about themselves. No matter what others say about an individual, a person is more likely to remain with their own perception of themselves. Challenges and situations affect every individual, one’s insight towards themselves may change due to the way they respond to the life changes. Self-concept is constantly changing and developing and generally hold on to perceptions that help one grow. This concept is relevant to my life because two years ago my mother passed away. I experienced...

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...dy accepted. Soon, I received my letter of acceptance. My confidence was so high that I decided to apply for a full-scholarship. I told myself I already have the scholarship so when I have the interview I can remain with that mentality. When I had the interview, I was very positive and confident. In return, I had done well which validated my self-assessment. Again, I received a call stating I got the scholarship. I now rely on self-fulfilling prophecy because it allows me to stay positive and confident so I can achieve my goals (“self-fulfilling prophecy,” 2015).
Not only is social psychology important but it allows individuals to understand how it applies to their lives. Situations and experiences are what shape an individual. These concepts and theories highlighted aspects that I did not comprehend. It helps us understand ourselves and the nature of society.

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