The Social Psychology And Research Essay

The Social Psychology And Research Essay

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Even though the social cognitive perspective focuses on the attitude and perspective when it comes to understanding social psychology and research. Evolutionary psychology is an important factor when it comes to the researching the roles of individuals in society due to their biological and genetic makeup. because The phenomenological perspective has a really important role when it comes to research because it speaks on how individuals and groups interpret certain situations., The behavior learning perspective relates to the research of the social psychologist because it teaches you about how certain actions and behaviors are learned through observation of others behaviors, and The gender role concept is important also when we have looking it the research in the Socio-Cultural Perspective. In the world we live in we all face many different problems and issues. Such as racism, domestic violence, and bullying. Like why did Hitler not care Jews, or why some people are shy in front of large crowds? With social psychology the different research can be used to study all of these different situations society seem to find very difficult. Aronson, Wilson, and Akert (2013) wrote, “Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by our immediate surroundings as well as by our cultural and family background…” This is important because you learn many different things about people and how these behaviors are influenced and creates social problems.
First, Evolutionary psychology is an important factor when it comes to researching the roles of individuals in society due to their biological and genetic makeup. This specific perspective of psychology reasons that social behaviors come from genetics and inherencies from our parents and other ...

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...unds. The reason I specifically picked women from my option I believe the have a lot of resources and view when it comes studying and researching these 5 perspectives. “Worldviews are those systems or structures within which our values, beliefs, and assumptions lie. They influence how we see ourselves and others (identities) and how we make meaning of our lives and relationships. Since resolving conflict necessarily involves some kind of change, it is essential to understand the operation of worldviews. When people are asked to change their identity or things they find meaningful, they will resist, sometimes even when the alternative is death. Worldviews keep our lives coherent, giving them a sense of meaning, purpose, and connection. Conflict resolution processes need to help people look into each other 's worldviews without trying to change them” (LeBaron, 2003).

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