Essay about Social Psychology : A Social Perspective

Essay about Social Psychology : A Social Perspective

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Social psychology encompasses the scientific study of how human think, act and behave in the milieu of the society (Fiske, 2014). Social psychology is about having a contextual understanding of the behavior displayed by people in social situations and the influence of other people on human behavior. Hence, social psychologists deal with different influences that engender us to behave in a given way in the presence of others and highlights conditions under which certain behaviors and feelings occur. Fundamental topics examined in the field of social psychology include the study of social cognition, attribution theory, self-concept, social influence, prejudice and discrimination, aggression, attitudes and stereotypes. Also, significant intellectual contribution of social psychology include the work of Aristotle who believed that humans are naturally sociable, a requirement which allows us to live together in an individualistic approach ( ). Also, Plato ( ), suggested that the society controlled actions and behavior of individuals and encouraged social responsibility through a socio-centered approach. Moreover, at the start of the 20th century, early texts focusing on social psychology emerged with the first notable book by Mcdougall “An Introduction to Social Psychology” ( ).
Also, Allport’s work (1924) supports the fundamental tenant of social psychology as he acknowledged that social behavior results from interactions between people in the society. Also, Allport took a methodological approach by discussing actual research and emphasizing that social psychology field is a scientific field which studies human behavior and impact of our actions on others ( ). Allport’s book highlights social topics that is still evident today inclu...

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...ging aspect of social psychology. Research questions are incited by individual interest, excitement, and passion about why people think and behave in a certain way (Hogg, 2009). Hence, social psychologists aspire to discover general principles of human behavior that apply to many different situations, rather than focusing on particular and events or individuals. A research question that a social psychologist might consider in retrospect to the effect of discrimination of mental health symptoms of refugees and asylum seekers in the United States of America include:
1) Which factors contribute to the coping process to overcome resettlement challenges of refugees and asylum seekers and adjust to living in U.S.?
2) What influence do these factors have on the relocation outcome of the refugees including their mental health during their adaptation process in the U.S?

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