Essay on Social Process Theories Explain The Actions Of Cybercriminal

Essay on Social Process Theories Explain The Actions Of Cybercriminal

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Social process theories explain the actions of cybercriminal. The individuals that have access to computers may learn encoding and hacking techniques and might favor doing illegal activities than conventional ones. Since this is the cyberworld, criminals can easily drift behaviors, neutralization theory. The theories that fail to explain cybercrimes is trait theories. The theories suggested based on the environment and biological factors the individual grew up then that means they are more prone to commit crimes, assuming the environment is negative and they have biological trait that exhibits crime-prone tendencies. This is flawed because it’s not necessary for one to grow up in a negative environment to also have a trait that follows with it. Someone could live in the middle class and have a trait that makes them more susceptible to crime.

Website defacement is just virtual vandalism. There are law imposed on vandalism, defamation, and destruction of property, so it wouldn’t be any different. Different states have different laws regarding to the extent of action such as a fine or prison. Civil lawsuits against defacer results in high fine. For the most part, website defacer only aim to impress or send a message; a fine is suitable for the action. However if the owner of the website feels harass or finds that site visitors could potentially be harm, both prison and fine is suitable.

The infrastructure of the network needs to be strengthened. An organization within law enforcement can be build to protect sensitive information of our citizens and international partners. The organization will be responsible for detecting and characterizing crimes, picking up any form of malware, trojan, and viruses that may hack into our governmen...

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...nces of being a member of the lowest socioeconomic group and just happening to be black. Due to this, the punishments they receive are often heavier than those living in wealthier neighborhoods.

We should destroy the images we created and label who our criminals are in society. We should unbiasedly investigate with probable cause not because someone is poor and a minority, defeating the purpose of keeping an investigation unbiased, but because there is a legitimate crime that might in interfere and harm someone. We should abolish the death penalty because there’s too many inmates that get over charged with crimes that don’t deserve the death penalty. I disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision because the Supreme Court overlook the troubles of racism even though our constitution is supposed to protect every citizen regardless of race, equally and with due process.

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