The Social Problems Of Today 's Family Essay

The Social Problems Of Today 's Family Essay

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1. Families and Individuals in Societal Contexts - An understanding of families and their relationships to other institutions, such as the educational, governmental, religious, healthcare, and occupational institutions in society.
• Research Article 1 - The Social Problems of Today 's Family
The article being reviewed discusses the inevitable tie between sociology and families, specifically those in Russia. This article points out how it is the science of sociology that imparts a generalizing character to knowledge about family, how the problems of the family are to some extent involved in just about all areas of sociology, and how these “family variables” make it possible to gain a better understanding of the processes of social control and social disorganization, social mobility, demographic changes, and so on (Mustaeva, 2010).
Furthermore, the article conducted a sociological survey to study the social problems of families in Russia in 2007 and 2008. The article discusses in depth many of the social problems that were faced by families in a monospecialized town specifically, and other families who were faced with the same issues in other communities. The article consists of tables that show the opinions of respondents regarding specific questions there were asked about their current state of social problems in a survey. The tables also showed as a result of the financial and economic crisis 65 percent of the families surveyed were not living as well as they used to; 23 percent experienced no changes (they were still living the way they used to), and 11 percent found it difficult to answer the question (Mustaeva, 2010).
This article is relevant to the NCFR families and individuals in societal contexts due to the discussion of h...

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...hese areas affect and influence their relationship daily. The article goes further in depth explaining how each context interacts with each other and ultimately affects the current and ultimate status of relationship’s and marriages. After these interactions were explained the article also clarified the data and validity analyses before and when implementing the RELATE model to ensure its individuals of its effectiveness.
Additionally, the article explains how the RELATE model can be implemented in multiple different settings. The RELATE can be used not only for married couples but by instructors, in classrooms, and even clinical settings. This article out of the two previous articles relates more to the internal dynamics of families because it covers every influence that determines ones strengths and weakness, and assistances one comprehend how a family functions.

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