Social Problems : Health Care Reform, Education, And Unemployment Essay

Social Problems : Health Care Reform, Education, And Unemployment Essay

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There are numerous social problems that should be addressed in America. More than ninety-nine percent of Americans have watched the news on television and are bombarded with announcements of death, headlines of financial struggles, and crisis happening all around the world. We all agree that we need to take action. Three major social problems are health care reform, education, and unemployment. The social problems are firmly ingrained in our cultures, changing and finding a solution to them will not be easy.
Many American citizens are uninsured and health care cost have increased tremendously over the years. Most Americans spend their yearly income to pay for their health insurance. Americans are forced to buy their health insurance. About one-tenth of Americans have serious illness that would bankrupt them. Without leadership as well as individuals help, we would not be able to prevent the catastrophe that will be coming. Obama Care, also known as Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or Affordable Care Act (ACA) goal was to have every American have equal health care. The metrics are misguided, the Affordable Care Act only benefits the poor and not the middle class or the upper class. Only less than half the people who signed up for Obama Care succeeded in receiving health insurance. Although the upper class have a higher chance of finding a doctor that accepts their insurance because of social networking, many hospitals do not accept Obama Care (Rohall, D.E., Milkie, M.A., & Lucas, J.W., 41).” The government should not require American citizens to have health insurance. They should provide free health care like Canada. One of the unhealthiest countries in the world is America. The rate of obesity in...

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... As you turn the corner of California Ave, you would usually see a man with ragged clothing with a sign that says “I am just hungry”. Just glancing at him, you would assume that he was either a drug addict or lazy since he looked fine enough to work. We have to look beyond our biased perception; he could be recently laid off and could not support his children, or he could be mentally ill.
There are no quick, effortless way to fix social problems. Solving social problems takes time, effort, and the voices in the community to speak and help create a better future. Solution can be found within the social problem, it takes a different pair of eyes to witness the blind spots. We should set apart the biased politics apart from anathema to business, only then can we benefit all. Looking at the big picture and how we can change not just the community, but the world.

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