Essay on The Social Problems Behind The Military Suicide

Essay on The Social Problems Behind The Military Suicide

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The social problems behind the military suicide
I am very shocked, when I listen the lecture about the military suicide. This lecture focus on the horrible situation about the military suicide. A big part of the soldiers does not die in the war but in the peaceful military. People in the USA do not care about the military suicide until late 1970s to early 1980s. I find two social problems in this lecture. First is the military does not pay much attention on the mental health of the soldiers. Second is the government does not have many good policies to help veterans.
First of all, the military does not pay much attention on the mental health of the soldiers. When the soldier came back from the war, most of the soldiers would not be relax and still be very nervous. They can not sleep well in the night, most of them will hear gun shot in the middle of night. On the one side, they are so afraid, and the influences of the war affect their body and mental health. For example, there was a soldier who came back from the Afghanistan. This man escaped from a horrible terrorist attack and lose all of his comrade-in-arms. When he came back, he could not get into sleep. He said he would still hear the explosive sound and the scream when he closed his eyes. It is called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). After suffering form this torment, this man killed himself in the dorm of the military. As a result, the leaders of the military realized the serious conditions of this suicide problem. They made a policy called Bio Politic to help the soldiers release their pressure and get back to normal lives. Although, the policy reduces the rate of the suicide a little, it still can not fix the problems absolutely. On the other side, everyone has diff...

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...ary suicide. All in all, if the military and the government can think about these two ways, the rate of the high military suicide can be reduced.
To conclude, the military suicide is one of the most significant social problems in today’s society. There are two different social problems, first is the military neglects the mental health of the soldiers. Second is the government pays no attention on helping the veterans to get back to the normal lives. And in my opinion, there are also two ways to solve the problem. On one side, the military should find some ways to help soldiers to release the pressure and increase the cost on the Bio Politic. On the other side, the government should give the ex-soldiers some suitable jobs like the jobs in military school. The government should try to help the veterans to rebuild their confidence and give play to their own value.

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