Essay on The Social Problem Of Underage Drinking

Essay on The Social Problem Of Underage Drinking

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As one of the major social problem, underage drinking can cause negative affect on both teenagers themselves and the whole society. Based on the research, approximately 190,000 youth under 21 visited emergency room for alcohol related hurts, even I accompanied one of my friends to ICU for alcohol poisoning nearly month ago. Annually about 5000 individuals under 21 die from it, not including other mature people directly or indirectly killed by them. Meanwhile, child’s brain and emotional developments are still in process until 20s so that taking alcohol will produce great damage on their body health. For example, alcohol can interfere with children’s capacity to build new, short, and lasting memories of information because it shrinks hippocampus about 10 percent, which operates memory and learning in human brain. Alcohol also contain toxic damage on the myelination processes in kids and lead to cognitive deficiencies in long run. Similarly, as for the mental health aspect, two main dark consequences are alcohol dependence and alcohol abuse. Once they become addicted to the alcohol, they may often feel stressful, depression and struggle in a hopeless mental condition, which reinforce the addiction for alcohol in return. However, when adolescent get drunk, they not only hurt their own health, but also harm the society at various degree. These consequences include homicide, physical violence, sexual assault, and suicide. Based on the statistical facts, every year almost 700,000 college students are assaulted by other drunk schoolmates, more than 70,000 students between 18 to 24 are victims of sexual assaulted related to alcohol, and nearly 300 alcohol-connected teenager suicides happen in the whole states. Young people are usually lac...

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...diana, and soon similar rules were passed in Colorado, New York, Florida and so on. Many people, especially students claim that the law decrease youth’s death of alcohol poisoning significantly. However, the law is facing great against by many scholars because it will potentially loose the limitation of underage drinking. When students know they won’t take any duties if their friends drink too much only by a call to the police, they probably restrict drinking opportunities less so that enhance the widespread underage drinking. They believe that the law actually causes more risk lives, rather than protect them. It is still not clear which opinion is correct for they all make sense theoretically but I suppose the most priority is to invent solutions to prevent underage drinking from origin rather than concentrating on whether calling people should take responsibilities.

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