Social Perceptions Of Right And Wrong Behavior Essay

Social Perceptions Of Right And Wrong Behavior Essay

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When asked about morality, the basic good vs evil comes to mind. Those who listen to the angel sitting on their shoulder instead of the little devil prompting us to act in questionable behavior. Admittedly, we have all succumbed to those ravishing, but not so morally equipped actions presented by the animated devil on our shoulders, but the real defining question is, how often and to what extent are those behaviors decided by? Looking deeper into the meaning of each level of morality, I will discuss which level I operate by, and to which level I would want the leader above me to practice.
At the most basic level, and where I find myself on a day to day base, would be at the preconventional stage of morality, or level 1. In this stage I am aware of cultural perceptions of right and wrong behavior. Questions that arise in this level are if I would be harmed or punished, or if I have the chance of being helped or receiving pleasure. In a more specific manner, I would say I relate to level two, where I am concerned with my own individual needs which in turn motivate me to make the decisions that I face.
At this stage in my life, a full time college student, I find myself in situations that are more individually based. For example, making time to complete my homework or finish group projects. I complete these things at my own convenience, but I know that if I do not finish the assignments before it is due, I will be penalized. I do not necessarily want to complete the assignments because I know that it is the right thing to do and that each assignment is a learning tool to help me become better educated. I see most assignments as a time consuming nuisance that must be completed in order to keep my GPA from plummeting belo...

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...his level so hard to come by. I believe that the postconventional level of morality would provide the most security and trusting relationship to me as a follower.
Eventually, I believe that most people will experience each level of morality, even passing through the various stages. What separates us though, is how often we make decisions based off of each level. As we grow older and wiser, I would hope that we could fall more often than not, in the last and final level. While the text assures us that this is indeed the hardest level to come across, as only five to ten percent of adults actively function in the highest stage, stage six, I believe that we will all act in those regards at least once in our lifetime. Hopefully as I become more seasoned in my career and more comfortable with my beliefs, I will be able to become the leader that I would want to follow.

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