The Social Penetration Theory : How Forgetting How Hard It Is Essay example

The Social Penetration Theory : How Forgetting How Hard It Is Essay example

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College is a prime example of how forgetting how hard it is to make friends with complete strangers after being friends with the same people for years in high school. Friendship is a meticulous concept that can be extremely rewarding if both parties put in equal effort. Social penetration is the idea that intimacy with someone else is a process that slowly evolves through the gradual exposure of one’s personal information according to Griffin (2012.) This theory is often compared to an onion because of the layers are similar to the different levels of self-disclosure that create new levels of closeness. Almost any relationship can be evaluated using the Social Penetration Theory with the exception of people such as family members. Just in the past few months of my life I have been able to identify a relationship that’s success could be anaylized through this theory.
The idea of moving into an apartment with a stranger terrified me. All I really knew about this girl is that she went to Ohio State as well because of OSU’s roommate finder. Ten or so years ago this process might have b...

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