The Social Of Ecological Model Essay

The Social Of Ecological Model Essay

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Question 2
The Social – Ecological Model is a framework for prevention and the ultimate goal of this model is to prevent unhealthy behaviors for children. This model contains five levels that make up a students environment and each factor plays a role in the child’s health. The first level of this model is the child’s individual self. This level plays off of the child’s attitudes and beliefs, any impulsive or anti social behavior, if the child has a history of sexual abuse or has witnessed any violence in their lives. This level also has to deal with the use of any recreational drugs and alcohol. The second level is based on the relationships that the child builds and how those relationships impact that child’s life. The relationships include family, peers any teachers or coaches and any group of people that child comes into contact with daily. Organizational factors is the third level to this model and it includes the way the school operates and it even depends on how the school building is structured and this is much like the fourth level. How the community operates and where the student lives has a big impact on how the child grows up. The environment that a child is exposed to and lives in has a huge determining factor on the child’s health. The community level and the fifth level are connected because the fifth level has to deal with the laws and policies surrounding that community. Every level to this model plays a role on a child’s life and how they grow up.
These five levels of the Social – Ecological Model has an effect on a child’s life. For example if a child’s individual self is affected buy their misbehavior as then that can have a toll on their school climate. Behavior and attitude can hinder all aspects of the...

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...bove and it is vital for the students of the school to go above and beyond.
I want to use this information in my classroom because I want my student to know that I care about them and their education. I will set up tabletop conferences to check in with how they feel about their learning or if they are having any struggles. It is a quick way to keep the teacher updated and on track and allow the student to really think about their education. I also plan on calling or emailing at least two families every week to express something positive about their students. This will encourage the students and it will also show the parents that I am invested in their child’s education. Those are just two ways that I can support school connectedness in my classroom and there are so many other ideas that I am willing to explore in order to help my students with their academic future

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