The Social Of A Social Entrepreneur Essay

The Social Of A Social Entrepreneur Essay

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Throughout U.S. history the nonprofit and government sectors have addressed needs that are not being met by through the provision of a variety of public goods and services ranging from education, health, and human services to environmental conservation. As a result of the increased demand for these services, the number of nonprofits has grown significantly in the past years. Social entrepreneur is another way social problems are being solved. Social Entrepreneurs act as change agents for society by developing solutions to problems, and implement services to these problems. Entrepreneurs use business techniques to find solutions to social problems within the community, by building strong and sustainable organizations to create social change. A social entrepreneur is much like a business entrepreneur, in that, they create opportunities, transform industries, and seize others miss in order to improve systems and disseminate new approaches that create social value.
However, unlike traditional business entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs primarily seek to generate "social value" rather than profits; their work is targeted towards immediate, small-scale effects, but with sweeping, long-term change (, 2015). It takes a committed person with compassion, love, determination, and true vision to be able to identify and solve problems. As a result of social entrepreneur’s persistence, they are able to produce great impacts by opening new opportunities for the disadvantaged and marginalized communities. In recent years, there have been a surge in popularity in voluntary and nonprofit action from entrepreneurs. One reason for this, is the nonprofit and voluntary sector have a low entry barrier (Frumkin, 2002,...

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...cessful activism can yield substantial improvements to existing systems and even result in a new equilibrium, but the strategic nature of the action is distinct in its emphasis on influence rather than on direct action (Social Entrepreneurship: The Case for Definition, 2003). As competition for charitable contributions becomes more intense, many of the new social entrepreneurs are turning to new, more commercial sources of revenue to support their cause. The rise of entrepreneurial manager’s within the sector has brought with it a set of revenue-producing tools that may conflict at times with the mission-orientation of nonprofit organizations and with their ability to serve neglected people. Nonprofits will be able to attract talented people to the sector, give them a measure of personal satisfaction, and produce public benefits that extend broadly across society.

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The Social Of A Social Entrepreneur Essay

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