Social Observation on Human Interactions Essay

Social Observation on Human Interactions Essay

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By using observation method, a wide variety of behavior can be recorded. Picking through the garbage on the side of the road can reveal behaviors of fast-food customers, or sitting for only one hour in the university canteen can understand the gender differences in choosing (diet) meal, or even watching the customer’s behavior from deciding which yogurt to be taken off its store shelves in the supermarket can also answer the question: Are the customers be attracted by its appearance or flavor or price or brand or nutrition? The aim of this observation assignment is to evaluate and explain the different types of interactions between individual and groups present, as well as the environment in which these interactions take place. The field observation was conducted at the Vietnamese fast-food restaurant named “We love Banhmi” in Budapest, and the role adopted, was that of observer as a non-participant. Group structures as well as overall activity, patterns of behavior, and the duration and timing of such behaviors and interactions were observed and recorded. Sociological concepts pertaining to age, gender, and appearance were also noted and applied.
The reason why “We love Banhmi” was chosen to be an ideal observation place is because of its location: very close to Astoria, thus making it accessible to local members like students, business people as well as travelers and visitors. Thanks to its reputation for traditional sandwich and other tasty Vietnamese street foods along with fast serving process, the restaurant is getting more and more popular, and attracts customers from different cultural backgrounds to come and enjoy Vietnamese cuisine. No alcoholic drinks are sold here. It is also supposed to be a fairly inexpensive pla...

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...or fun and play. Within this family structure the children learn the different power relationships between their parents, such that mom may become known as the disciplinary actor, whereas dad may become another playmate.
In addition to physical male dominance, economic superiority was displayed every time the male, whether it is the boyfriend in the intimate couple, or the father in the family, paid the bill, rather than the female.
Throughout the one-hour-and-a-half observation much data was collected and stored for further investigation. Gender roles and power/authority were the two sociological concepts observed and applied to the analysis of this particular study. The four forms of groups examined were intimate couple, friends, single person and families. The field observation was concerned with the comparison between these different groups' interactions.

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