Social Obligations and Competitive Advantage Essay

Social Obligations and Competitive Advantage Essay

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Globalization is forcing the world to interact as countries, regions, businesses and even individuals and this has made it possible for organizations to hire employees from different parts of the world who have their unique differences in both national cultures and individual backgrounds.

Globalization in businesses have also made it necessary for managers to encounter issues of cultural adaptation and conflicts in communication arising from multicultural teams (McLean & Lewis, 2010, p. 30) It is therefore very crucial for managers to develop the skills set and ability to manage employees within a culturally diverse teams.

They must also ensure that the diversity of each employee is respected and used in the attainment of the overall team and organizational goal with the employee reaching his full individual potential.

Achieving coherence within a team of culturally diverse team members does not follow a laid down principle or framework. As stated by Brett, Behfar & Kern, (2006 p. 88), no single strategy works for all situations. Depending on the cultural composition of the team, the manager decides what strategy will best help the team achieve its objectives. This will be done after full appraisal of the culture of each team member.

The appraisal will give the manager ideas on issues that may arise due to the cultural differences within the team. Such differences could emanate from differences in communication styles (direct versus indirect), time management, conflicting norms for decision making etc. the prior knowledge of such imminent problems gives the manager the edge to be pro-active in providing interventions if and when necessary.

The opposite of which can cause serious damage to the team,...

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