Social Norms And Its Effects On Society Essay

Social Norms And Its Effects On Society Essay

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A social issue that is most times overlooked is the social issue of problems with social norms, which are defined as “the rules of behavior that are considered acceptable in a group or society. People who do not follow these norms may be shunned or suffer some kind of consequence.” (YourDictionary). Most social norms are in place so that society flows well and there is less deviant behavior, these being the ones that teach people what to say and how to act in a way that is acceptable. From birth, people are socialized to be able to be fully capable functioning human beings. However, there are some social norms such as violence in the media, turning a blind eye to cruelty, and socialization that negatively affect people and influence society by creating an environment where people can either accept the status quo or are cast out.

One of the social norms that has become a problem especially in America is the prevalence of violence in the media. This prevalence has in turn resulted in desensitization for both adults and their children. Everyday people are subjected to terrible acts of violence and sex on the television, and the internet. Because humans are born without any social culture or knowledge of how the world works, they must be taught these things. According to Dr. Gail Gross, children learn from role modeling, social learning, and experience. Violence on television and the internet makes it harder for these kids to differentiate between what they can and cannot do. They see all of their heroes performing acts of violence to solve problems which the kids then copy. This can result in children having decreased empathy and resulting to jerk reactions to solve problems with violence. (Gross 2013) The more acts they see the les...

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...ow why social norms are a grand problem in today’s society. Violence in the media teaches children to be more aggressive and less empathetic by giving them heroes that solve their problems with violence. In the case of Omelas, the treatment of the child became normal because it was necessary. This shows that once one of these twisted social norms is established, it makes very hard for people to go against them. As the movie “The Mask You Live in” shows socialization of men has become a training session to see who is the strongest, fastest, and best, but does not allow men to be human beings with feelings. This socialization puts unattainable expectations on young men who need to be able to express themselves fully. So all of these show that sometimes something that is considered normal or the status quo is not beneficial to the people involved and needs to be broken.

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