Social Norms And Gender Roles Essay

Social Norms And Gender Roles Essay

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A typical afternoon consists of my dad laying on the couch from a long day at work, and my mom in the kitchen, preparing dinner. Although we live in an era that has predominantly nullified sex-specific social norms, a difference in gender roles still exists within households. What exactly are gender roles? They are fixed, gender specific expectations, established, in this case, among families. These roles of what should socially be considered masculine and feminine have existed throughout many centuries. A particular issue regarding gender roles is, do gender roles in households ultimately affect both the physical and mental development of a child? With thorough research and observations conducted by, Jacquelynne S. Eccles, Janis E. Jacobs, Rena D. Harold, Shanon Phelan, Anne Kinsella, Daniel Blake Smit, Richard A. Lippa, Scott Coltrane and Michele Adams , the causes and effects of gender roles are evaluated. Perhaps, new customs can be brought forth in family households to produce different results. Professional journals and published books I came across throughout my research process further explore this topic, as well as provide evidence that both support and deny it.

As kids, girls are generally expected to enjoy dressing up and playing with dolls, while boys are always associated with cars and sports. The idea that children are immediately categorized into specific roles demonstrates stereotypes. Supported by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Jacquelynne S. Eccles, Janis E. Jacobs, and Rena D. Harold contributed to study the immediate effects of genders roles, which is analyzed in the journal, Gender Role Stereotypes, Expectancy Effects, and Parents’ Socialization of Gender Differences. What wa...

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... as the child gets older, and other social groups get older. Maccoby introduces the idea that “family, more precisely the household where the child spends the most time, remains the primary socializing agent for the child at least until the teenage years. (174) Overall, family is essential in order for a child to develop some sense of social development, leading to the contribution of gender roles.

Though it is notable that children socialize through different avenues, such as school, churches, media, and other extracurricular agents, does the imposement of household gender structures conclusively develop a child both physically and mentally? A firm-minded family can affect the way children seek constitutional guidelines for a “normal” lifestyle, but other factors do in fact contribute to the outcome of a child, such as physical attributes, genes, and environment.

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