Essay on Social Networking Websites and Harmful Information

Essay on Social Networking Websites and Harmful Information

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Social networking sites and harmful information.
In the modern day and age, millions of individuals have various social network accounts. Whether it’s facebook, twitter, or any other website that allows you to socially interact, many of us have more than just one. Having a social network accounts allows you to do countless things, chat with your friends and family, catch up on work and business or just watch hilarious videos. One can find many useful and resourceful things on these sites, but one can also find harmful information being posted by others. There needs to be someone who is responsible for this information being online, and social network providers should not be legally responsible for harmful information on their sites. Because it is unreasonable to someone accountable for other’s faults, causes interference with user’s privacy, and user should be mindful of possible outcomes.
In order for someone to understand the mistake he or she has made, you cannot hold the social networking sites responsible for harmful information which they have not posted. Doing this wouldn’t allow the original poster to see the consequences of what they are doing and how it is wrong. In our day to day lives, if someone were to do something deserving punishment i.e. a student punching someone at school, should the student who threw the punch be held responsible or the teacher that allowed them to leave the classroom? Taking the blame off of someone who deserves it and putting it onto a social networking site is going to make the users oblivious to their wrong doings.

“Manliness c...

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...ould have had the common sense to think of possible outcomes before they had released it into the virtual world. The social network provider, therefore, cannot be legally responsible for harmful information on their sites.

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