Social Networking Sites Are Not As Innocent Essay

Social Networking Sites Are Not As Innocent Essay

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Social networking sites are programs that allow people to create an account to share or post information, picture, video, comments, and status with others. Nowadays, social networking sites have become an important part in peoples ' lives. In addition, many people including teenagers use many social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and MySpace to identify people who have common interests and stay connected. Almost all people use social networking sites because they can easily do all of their tasks such as researching, shopping and banking with the Internet. The most important part is that we can access all information just a click away! However, social networking sites are not as innocent as we think they are. Whereas it provides us a lot of benefits, we have to be careful while using social networking sites because they have a great number of privacy problems, in this research essay, I’m going to write about privacy, indiscriminate posting, and misinterpreted communication, and I will try to find possible solutions for these problems.
First of all, privacy is very important for people who use social networking sites. If people share much information about themselves, it may affect them in dangerous ways. In fact, individuals always like to hide some information about themselves, but those social networking sites allow for us to share information with our friends, family, and even the others who do not even know. However, they cannot recognize that are many essay ways in the social networking sites help others to find our real information. According to Stone (2006), it is an easy that marketers, school officials, government agencies, and online predators collect data and personal information on the social netwo...

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... about your concerns; it…” because that help parents to understand their children
To sum up, despite some advantages, using the social media also has disadvantages for people. They have a lot of security problems to trigger the thefts, it makes teen irresponsible what they are posting, and sometimes they bring miscommunication between users and followers. Thus, we have to care about social media in the future, also our next generation’s future. We must use any source of source adequately. Moderation in all things is always the nest way to follow. Social networking sites are helpful technology has come in our life because it makes the life much more easily than before, but we have to be more careful when we use it. I recommend people who social networking sites a lot, try to educate themselves about the concerns of social networking sites, before he is in trouble.

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