Essay on Social Networking Sites Are Harmful For Relationships

Essay on Social Networking Sites Are Harmful For Relationships

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Social networking sites are like cakes. As all know, cakes are sweet or delicious. When people eat cakes, they will feel comfortable and full. However, when people eat more cakes, the disadvantages of cakes will appear, such as gaining weight. Social Networking sites are also like a double-edged sword for relationships. Sometimes social networking sites will help relationships, and sometimes it will harm relationships. When users use social networking sites, users can easily keep friendships with old friends and make new friends, users can find more topics for people to communicate, and social networking sites can enhance relationships between friends and avoid some embarrassing topics. However, social networking sites also harm friendships sometimes because it makes people feel lonely and harassed. Overall, I think social networking sites are both helpful and harmful for relationships, but helpful parts are more than harmful.
First of all, users can easily keep friendships with old friends and make new ones. In the past, people connected with friends using telephones, sending messages, and writing letters, but now people connect with other using social networking sites. Because technologies improve faster and faster, Wi-Fi and smart phones appear in our daily life, and networking is everywhere. Thus, people can connect with friends more often. For example, I use five different social networking sites to connect with my friends. I use Facebook and Twitter to connect and make new friends in America, and use the other three social networking sites to connect with my old friends in China. Last year, when I went back to China, we had a party for High School classmates. Even though we did not meet for two years, my high school classma...

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...icate with others, it will harm their relationship. As a result, social networking sites will harm relationship sometimes.
Social networking sites will have the positive parts and negative parts; it just depends on people’s attitude and how to use it. Just like weapons, using them can help people and countries to protect themselves, but they may also harm users if people use them in the wrong way. Social networking sites can help people to safeguard relationships, it can help users to find interested topics to communicate, and it can improve relationships and it can help users avoid embarrassing topics, but it also can make users feel lonely and harassed to harm relationships. Overall, social networking sites are both helpful and harmful, but the advantages for relationships are more important than disadvantages, and the benefits are more beautiful than drawbacks.

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