Social Networking Sites Are Addictive, And One By Sue Scheff Essay

Social Networking Sites Are Addictive, And One By Sue Scheff Essay

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The term “social media” has been used and memorized from the majority of the world’s population in the last decade. This word refers to the social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information in virtual communities or networks. The number of people with a social network account increases day after day, proving the exploit of this new kind of communication. Social media revolutionized the daily life of people in both good and bad ways, making this subject very controversial. An article written by Sam Leith entitled “Social Networking Sites Are Addictive,” and one by Sue Scheff entitled "Social Networking Sites Can Limit Interpersonal Skills and Physical Activity," are both in opposition to the use of social media. Cade Metz, on the other hand, wrote an article entitled “Social Networking Connects People" and is in favor of the use of social media. This essay is going to present each author’s view and reasoning on the controversy.
Sam Leith, a literary editor for the Daily Telegraph for about ten years, has a deep feeling for social media, especially Facebook. In the article “Social Networking Sites Are Addictive,” he expresses his opinion by saying that “Facebook— has the same addictive qualities possessed by illegal drugs. Although seemingly less harmful, Facebook occupies office workers ' minds incessantly and causes a drop in productivity and creativity among them” (Leith par. 1). Leith talks about his daily Facebook life, in which he can constantly see nonsense posts in the “News Feed” like “at 10:51, Larushka Ivan-Zadeh became undecided" (Leith par. 8). However, people keep reading these posts, often refreshing the web page. The author also says that he is like the others because Facebook made...

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...unicate with friends back in Germany” (Metz par. 34). Metz seems to be really excited about this very feature.
Three articles have been used to show the controversy of social media. “Social Networking Sites Are Addictive” by Sam Leith, “Social Networking Sites Can Limit Interpersonal Skills and Physical Activity” by Sue Scheff, and “Social Networking Connects People” by Cade Metz, all of these articles show different perspectives. Overall, I found Sue Scheff’s piece the most valuable because not only it pictures the largest amount of evidence, it also reveals the truth. Social media brought positive and negative aspects at the same time. However, too many people unfortunately exploit the bad side of these fascinating technology. If people find a good mix between their internet life and their real “social” one, then writing a paper of this kind would not be necessary.

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