Essay about Social Networking Sites And Its Effects On Our Privacy

Essay about Social Networking Sites And Its Effects On Our Privacy

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Have you ever had somebody come into your home uninvited? To go a step further, lets say you were about to take a cookie out of your own cookie jar and did that uninvited person ever tell you to get your hand out of the cookie jar because you need to stick to their diet? Well, I hope this has never happened to you; unfortunately, this is happening to some of our social networking sites and its users. The homeowner of course is the social networking site and its creators while the random person barging in represents many of the governments around the world. The problem is that governments are beginning to infringe upon our privacy’s and our rights by monitoring and regulating what can and cannot be said on these platforms. Shouldn’t that discretion be left to the ones who own and created the sites? Shouldn’t they have the power and liberty to give information to the government at their own will, rather than being forced to go against their integrity and values by sacrificing anonymity and freedom of speech to its users? I believe that government and social networking should be separate in all regards and that social networking sites should be able to remove content and reveal anonymity of its users at their own discretion.
Around the world, millions of people are accessing sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay up to date on news, updates and buzz around the globe as well as in their own city. You’ve heard it before, technology has allowed for communication to take place with anyone, anytime and anywhere as long as they have a device and a signal. Even before such technology was created, men and women have been using violent and offensive speech towards one another for generations. Now days, people are still doing...

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...’s interestingly enough put freedom of speech first in the Bill of Rights. I know personally that when I make a list I put the most important priority first on the list because it means the most to me and that I value whatever it is. In the same case, we should care about freedom of speech as much as our founding fathers cared about it. Freedom is never guaranteed; therefore, as individuals who make up a body of a nation, we must treasure our ability to communicate with anonymity through Social Networking platforms since it is our desire. And although it may seem petty at times to care so much about Twitter, Facebook and so forth, if we consider it a way of communication and privacy then we must treasure it like we would in the same way when we’re sitting around our dinner table with our family: unregulated, without interference, and with freedom to speak and live.

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