Essay on Social Networking 's Effect On Society

Essay on Social Networking 's Effect On Society

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Social Networking’s Effect on Society
Social networking sites have been a great step forward in our society in connecting people of similar interests and forming relationships through the internet. Social networking started with chat rooms where people could create an account and chat with people across the country and even the world. Until recently these chat rooms were the main idea of social networking. A few social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have exploded and become the mainstream means for social interaction online. The sites however may allow society to be connected to people more than we have ever been before but they possibly leave society more disconnected than we were before social networks when face-to-face communication was the main means for communicating. The negative effects that social networking has on society is the loss of ability to interact with others in person, users develop a dependence on the sites, and frequent users experience loneliness and depression.
Social networking has made it very easy for people to lose their abilities to interact with other people effectively in person. Social networking consists of short message service, SMS, allowing up to one hundred sixty characters per message. Due to the limited amount of characters space available people use slang words and shortened words to fit the whole message in one. These slangs words begin to be used in place of the real words on a daily basis and begin to work their way into the daily vocabulary that we speak when conversing with friends and family allowing a more difficult time being understood by them. The slang terms often have many negative effects in communicating properly. Social networking does not allow for the people ...

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...tablished in the world. The increasing development of dependence on these social interaction sites is the result of a society that is too focused on all of the new technologies and gadgets being invented and being sold. As a society we must refrain from the over usage of these technologies and make sure that real and personal relationships with workers, employers, family, and friends are still being established. Social networking is leading people into a depression and a lonely state. Society needs to reevaluate the importance of real life, strong ties with people and society would benefit greatly from the decreased temptations of turning to social networking. Social networking is effective if used moderately and appropriately. However, these sites may connect people more than they have ever been connected before but they also disconnect people more than ever before.

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