Social Networking : A Social Norm Essay

Social Networking : A Social Norm Essay

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Idalia Garcia
Writing Assignment #1

As Today’s society grows all of us have come to revolutionize in the aspect of technological innovations. Many people of different ages have come to utilize the use of social media, which has become a social norm in today’s society. As I have come to known many people use social media on a daily basis, which has become normal and a part of our daily lifestyles. Social Networking does have its perks, and it has defects, as well. From the article, that I have chosen over Social Networking, I have become more aware of all the pro’s and con’s when it comes to this subject.
Social Networking can be explained to be used in order to stay interconnected with a group of friends on either by use of an application on either smart phone, tablet, and computers. Other ways of logging onto these networks are by using your browser and going to the homepage of the social network you’re wanting to use on either a smartphone, tablet, and computer. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tinder, and Instagram, are but of a few of the millions of applications people can download onto their devices. The most popular one’s seem to consist of Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat, in today’s day of age.
Many of the pro’s from, what I have read from the article is the fact that social media is used in many different aspects. For example, being a teacher, one might use this social media for educational purposes inside a classroom. Another positive thing about social media, is that people are becoming more social aware. They come to know things that otherwise they might have missed, on the television. They can find out the latest gossip, read the news, things that are trending, what new things that they ca...

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...chnological modernized. A lot of pressure, has to do with this, as well. New and better things have become invented, and everyone wants in with the new, out with old. Isn’t this the perfect saying that can go with subject?
In my opinion, I think social media is a great device, but it saddens me that some traditions are not being kept alive. Some of it is the fault of society, because as kids grow up they’re going to be more lieutenant on just be posting selfies of snapchat, or posting cool things that they’re doing on their social media, without actually having to enjoy their vacation, trips, and family time. Other kids in society today, hardly ever go outside, just because! Old things are just dying out, that was once was done back in the day. I feel very disappointed, and feel like everyone should not rely so much on social media, and just enjoy life itself!

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