Social Movements, Collective Behavior, And Social Change Essay

Social Movements, Collective Behavior, And Social Change Essay

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Social Movements, Collective Behavior, and Social Change
This chapter talks about social change and how it happens and the theories behind social movements. The five essay questions at the end of this chapter are answered below.
The first question was, “Discuss the four types of social movements and the features of each one. The four types of social movements are alternative social movement, redemptive social movement, reformative social movement, and revolutionary social movement. The alternative social movement is defined as, “a want to create a change in specific people’s thoughts, practices, and beliefs regarding a particular issue.” “Their goal is to encourage a small, defined change in the way a particular group of people think and act in order to solve a problem” (Carl 308). Mothers against drunk driving (MADD) are an example of an alternative social movement because it targets one behavior-- drunk driving. Through its efforts, MADD has caused tougher drunk driving laws to be enacted, and lead to changes peoples ' behavior.Now, the redemptive social movement, “focus on specific individuals, but the amount of change sough is radical, rather than limited.” A good example would include the American Civil Rights Movement which demanded full civil rights and equality under the law to all Americans, regardless of race. Next is the reformative social movements, “seek to change a society’s thoughts and actions, but only in a limited way.” “This type of movement can be progressive, favoring or promoting change, or regressive, seeking to stop change” (Carl 309). For instance abortion is supported by many, but people also do not support it. Many people want abortion to be made illegal because of religious and moral reasoning whil...

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...s most effective at mobilizing “wins” the conflict” (Carl 312). Lastly some symbolic interactionists believe, “that social movements are caused by the perception of relative deprivation. When people’s expectations are not met, they are discontent. If their expectations are continually not met, they are likely to resort to social movements” (Carl 312).
The last question asked, “How does the environmental movement Hawken discusses differ from other social movement?” An environmental movement does not only affect one group, but every person from country to country as a whole. This movement is one of the largest problem humans have faced so far because everyone has to change the way they live. Many people do not care, but I and others in this world do. This movement is also different because people and organizations have to join together to help make that difference.

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