Essay on The Social Movement Of Education

Essay on The Social Movement Of Education

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The main purpose of this social movement is to advocate for equal rights to education for students. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, or a student your major concern at some point in your life is whether you’re able to receive an education in this country due to the way educational system is constructed. Having an education is the key to improving our life, the life of our family, and the overall standard of living in our country. However, so many of us are being denied of education for various reasons that our social movement is about to tackle. The goal of this social movement is to provide universal access to education despite of your race or socioeconomic status, or sexual orientation/identity.
Looking at education from the order theory perspective, education is one of the most praised values in the US. Education is important and functional because of following reasons. Taking the manifest function perspective, education prepares students to enter a workplace and world at large. It equipts people to perform different functional roles in our society. Important aspect of the education is also a socialization process that informs us how to function in society. The latent function focuses on creating a social network that later on facilitates getting a job or career that we hope to have. Having an access to education also opens our eyes to social issues which facilitates changing of our behavior and attitudes. Moreover, the culture of education-including material culture such as classrooms, books, libraries, dormitories- support the emphasis placed on the value of educating a society’s member.
Even though education is one of the most valued aspects of our life, some people are not having a chance to educate themse...

... middle of paper ...

...s that do care about future of minorities in our country.
Some of the issues that we may face is lack of funding for support programs due to the fact that minority students usually live in underfunded and underprivileged neighborhoods. Another problem is lack of classified and motivated teachers and counselors that will fill spots at local school that need help the most. Another issue is the fact that a lot of those students learn at home that they won’t be able to go to school because they have to work and support their families. Thus, minority students not only have to overcome struggle embedded in the system, but also at their own homes.
I believe that combining our ideas will bring discriminative educational system to an end, and provide equal chance for every single student to get an education and have an opportunity to change their and their family life.

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