Social Model of Health of the Maori Tribe Essay

Social Model of Health of the Maori Tribe Essay

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Discuss and Contrast the Maori and Social models of Health

"Health is a social, economic and political issue and above all a fundamental human right. Inequality, poverty, exploitation, violence and injustice are at the root of ill-health" (Braum, 2008, p.3).The Maori model of Health, in particular "Whare Tapa Wha" is based on four simple key aspects to ensure overall general health and well being, Taha Wairua, Taha Hinengaro, Taha Tinana and Taha Whanau. These are the basic foundations or stepping stones to an significant determinant of good health, that can be found across the many multiple health models (Durie, 1998, p.66). This model has a mezzo focus, taking the micro of the individuals well being and focusing on the spiritual, mental and physical aspects, whereas the macro side looks at the "individuals wider social systems" (Durie, 2008, p.69) in the community. The Social model of Health being macro, is dependant on socio economic influences such as political, social, cultural and psychological has impacted on the environment is universally widespread "people who are less well off have substantially shorter life expectancies and more illness then the rich" (Wilkinson, 2003, p.g 1). This essay will compare and contrast the Maori model of Health Whare Tapa Wha and Social model of Health, and suggest why Whare Tapa Wha is more effective for Maori individuals in promoting healthy living and well being in New Zealand.

According to a number authors (McNeil, Paterson; Sundborn; DeSouza; Weblemoe; McKinney and Smith 2008, p.95) "Human experience involves a number of dynamics, Cultural understanding and awareness have significant impact on health and wellbeing". Maori culture and heritage is still practiced by some individu...

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