Social Mobility By Richard T. Schaefer Essay

Social Mobility By Richard T. Schaefer Essay

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Social Mobility according to Richard T. Schaefer is defined as “movement of individuals or groups from one position in a society 's stratification system to another.” Many people believe that the social group they are born into is the one they will spend their whole lives, Thats simply not the case. Millions of people have been born into poverty and have spent their whole life working their way out of the lower class rank and into the middle class or even high class rank. At the same time there are people that have been born into high or middle class groups but as a result of loosing their jobs or failing to find a job they fall to the lower class.
Years ago the American economy was thriving many people were starting their own business while others were getting an education. Ever since the recession of 2008 thousands of jobs have been lost and it has been hard for many Americans to remain in the social class they have been occupying. Many Americans lost their job and without a job that means no source of income which will drop them down to lower class. It has been hard for children that were born into a lower class family mainly because without a good education which requires money to pay for tuition. They will never get a decent job to better themselves.
When talking about ethnic minorities and white minorities, many people believe that it is the ethnic minorities that are always at a disadvantage. Social mobility can be harder for ethnic minority than it is for white majorities. When talking about the three Major concepts of social mobility we must first start with Horizontal mobility. Horizontal mobility is “the movement of an individual from one social position to another of the same rank”(Schaefer). For exam...

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... immigration is racism. Racism is “the belief that one race is supreme and all others are innately inferior”(Schaefer). Men and women who move to a new country many times run into racism. There is still much racism in the United States. Many times Americans will not hire immigrants, mainly because of the color of their skin.
If we were to integrate social imagination into the topic of global immigration, we may be able to lower discrimination, prejudice and also racism. The one who is discriminating against someone, should try and look at from the victim 's perspective. The same goes for racism and prejudiced as well. Many times people discriminate against others because they feel as if they know them when really they don’t know them at all. This is something moving forward that not only the American people need to fix, but the people of the world as well.

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