Social Mobility And The Middle Class Essay

Social Mobility And The Middle Class Essay

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Social mobility in society is a weird thing if you think about it in a different perspective than what you see, read, and listen to on the news. The social mobility in America in the way is defined like this, the rich are way to rich and middle class is almost starting to become the poor class and while this is happening the poor class is becoming something like homeless no money, but this is still considered the poor class so now the poor classes is just poorer in its own way I suppose. Within my knowledge and what I learned in class is that most Americans think we 're just averaged out in classes where the rich is regularly rich and the middle class have money and the poor are making some money, while this is what most Americans think, it 's not accurate. Social mobility has a lot in common in terms of social class in its own way. The barriers of social mobility in America is that if you start out poor, you 'll end up still poor as an adult, while being born to rich, you 'll end up being rich and the chances you succeed in life while being rich is rather high and on the other hand being poor and succeeding are rather slim, intergeneration is rare for the poor class but the middle class not so much as in the middle class can increase their social standing to the upper middle class or the rich class. The rich are getting richer, while the poor are getting poorer and in this essay, I will explain why it 's both a problem and a concern.

How things are now is a problem as for the reason is that the richest of the rich that are equivalent to one percent of the population have more than 60 percent of the nation 's wealth, the nation I 'm talking about is America, other countries have it more stable than us. One of the many few co...

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...ime unless they mess up.
.To improve our nation 's society is to make a limit of what people can make as well as increasing the tax on the rich as well as using all the vacant homes that aren’t being used and make it a shelter for the poor and homeless. The government should make more jobs for the poor so that they can have some money and make the unemployment plan more flexible as well. Many should aim to be rich in the future, so in the end they’ll have money and hopefully not to be waste full on it and not spend millions on useless art that it takes only one person to make while they can use all that money to help society buy donating or building a store that will offer jobs and help many instead of one person. Being rich means being selfish, greed, and having a successful future. If the economy in America does not get fix soon, everything will fall in rune.

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