Essay about Social Mobility And The American Dream

Essay about Social Mobility And The American Dream

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Social Mobility and the American Dream

The American dream was conceived in the Declaration of Independence. It became part of Americas character. It gave the American people certain unalienable rights that included life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The American dream is the ethos of the United States, It set the ideals for America; however, times have changed since the constitution was written, and people 's view of the American dream have also changed. I would agree that the American dream is more difficult to see in action these days, although not impossible to achieve. The economy 's recession is one of the large factors, American 's have just been trying to survive to feed their families. These are tough and weary times for the American Dream. The redundancy of safe routines of our lives have come undone, so has optimism and the belief that the future possibilities are endless. The thought that things will eventually return to normal before the recession of 2008 hit. The American values system have also been on the decline, from corporate greed to the entitlement generation. When corporate executive officers of corporate America make three hundred and eighty times more than the ordinary worker today, and the top wage earners on the social stratosphere pay fewer taxes than the average worker. They have what it seems a cultural capital and advantage to have a higher status than most of the American 's. It is hard to imagine that the upward social mobility of today is attainable. The nation 's social mobility is dependent on the overall structure of social statuses and occupations. United Nations health economist and author Dr. Howard Friedman stated in a news interview with CNN that, "The land of opportunity i...

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...ary tools to get ahead, Who is upset that her best friend gets to travel the world with her college degree. Different life choices chose this way of life.

A famous writer in the 1900 's named Horatio Alger coined ideas in his writings. Mr. Alger 's writings have been heavily debated. They were thought to be myth. Rather or not they were myths, his rag to riches stories helped to stabilize a society. It was the belief that anyone could get ahead with hard work. Horatio inspired a generation, at the time where industrial and corporate companies on the rise. We need a new voice as Horatio Alger, with the same message today. To inspire hope to a seemingly hopeless situation. To give the American people just a glimpse of what the American dream was, and an optimistic chance to accomplish it.

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