Essay about Social Media Software: Facebook

Essay about Social Media Software: Facebook

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Facebook is one of the greatest popular social media software nowadays. It is online social software which is founded in February 2004 by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg. People everywhere can recognize and interact with new friends from different countries, ages, cultures, languages and nationalities. In addition, Facebook users can share information about themselves, actions and adventure, leisure activities, etc. Also, you can download music, pictures and movies. Like other entertainment software the Facebook has positive and negative effects which affect teenage social behaviour. Facebook comes ahead of Microsoft, YouTube and Wikipedia and ranked third by the world classification. Facebook has over 5oo million around the world and over 300 million of them logging daily to use the site. Moreover, 30 million users logging Facebook through their mobile devices. This all makes Facebook one the most popular networking website on the internet.People use facebook primarily to communicate with their friends and relatives. Facebook provides such good environment of social communication. In this essay, I am going to discuss a number of ideas about facebook.First, I am going to define facebook as a social network. Secondly, I am going to discuss positives facebook.Third, I am going to discuss negatives of facebook. (BBC, 2012)
Facebook has many positive effects on teenage social behaviour. Firstly, Facebook works to build connect among different users from different places with their friends in short distance. Today, teenagers have stresses from homework’s and has to work hard all the time on their school books and researches, so they cannot connect with their friends and they don't have enough time to them. From that Facebook lets its u...

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... invite, the more points they get, and the more they can play. It creates an endless cycle of time wasting.
3.adults who have strong Facebook presences has more negative psychological behavior why??
The answer Adults have much stronger opinions. As we get older, we choose to fight for our beliefs. We often feel we have to defend ourselves and our choices.
Further, adults often spend more time on FB. Many companies have either banned FB use at work or disabled the FB platform completely. It’s so easy to get lost in games, someone’s pictures, or cat videos that are posted, and lose extensive amounts of time during the day. We also feel that it’s rude not to respond to someone. our early lives were shaped by parents who taught us that being polite was important. If we don’t respond, or if we miss saying “Happy birthday” to a FB friend, we feel bad, like we have failed.

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