Social Media Should Have Stricter Rules On Privacy Essay

Social Media Should Have Stricter Rules On Privacy Essay

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Social Media Privacy
Social Networks are tools that let us communicate with friends and family, share our lives with them, learn about theirs, and sometimes even to establish new relationships. Social Networks sites are being broadly used by youth and adults all over the world, the former being, the main target market of the largest Social Network of the world, Facebook. Social media should have stricter rules on privacy because information can be shared with others, having contacts can effect someone personally, and hacking can be a problem.
According to recent statistics which can be found in Facebook’s home page, the site has 500 million active users around the globe, who have an average of 130 friends in their contact’s lists. The same statistics also show that it is estimated that the average user spends around 58 minutes per day browsing the site sharing and receiving information. Facebook has several places where different types of information can be shared, some of them are: personal profiles: which contain information such as names, age, address, school, phone number, email, etc.; walls: which allow user make any type of comments on other user’s wall; and photos: where any picture can be uploaded to the site, shared with everyone who has a Facebook account, and comment by anyone who is able to see the picture. Everything is ruled by privacy restraints that can be set up by the users, but where they have the option to choose what they want to show and who they want to share it with. Although Facebook presents a good alternative to interact with our friends when a real face-to-face interaction is not possible, one of its main issues is the danger that it represents to the privacy of its users. Facebook is constantly rein...

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...r, UK, it can be found that the main reason hackers have to attack social networks, is to steal financial information. The author says “Once phished, scammers use various applications to suck out personal information from a user 's entire network of friends. Scammers try using the phished information, including the login password, to access banks and credit card accounts because they know that most people have one password for all their accounts”(37). Showing that whenever this sort of attack occurs, the user compromises personal information, other accounts and also his friends. Since not all Facebook users are computer Geeks that know when to identify this kind of threats and how to avoid them, and hackers are constantly updating their methods it is hard to find a solution to the problem simply because there is nothing that Facebook can do to solve it definitely.

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