Essay on Social Media 's Role As A Communication Tool

Essay on Social Media 's Role As A Communication Tool

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Social media plays a central role as a communication tool among several user groups with different purposes. In particular, the elderly individuals over 65 years old of age, who use a social networking, are on the rise in most developed countries. In recent years, the aging population has significantly utilised social network sites in their everyday life; however, there is few research to examine this unique community. As Grande mention in his thesis (2015, 1), elderly users utilise some popular social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, to socialise and stay connected with their significant people, family members, and friends. Also, active use of social media could be a big part of healthy psychological aging in the elderly user group, and a portal of information to increase their health awareness in related to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Although online interaction on social networking is an alternative choice of communication among family members and strengthens the ability of socialisation of the elderly, the use of social media can have adverse affects on their sociability and general health.
With the increasing popularity of social media, elderly people utilising social media on digital devices to share their well-being and activities are able to strengthen and sustain their social interaction with their family network. According to Raymundo, Tentori, and Favela (2012, 340-342), ambient awareness is defined as the way to share information with family through digital social media to receive constant feedbacks from their family members in the same networking. For instance, Mrs Gibb living in nursing home, actively keeps in touch with her daughter and other family members via Facebook and...

... middle of paper ... own health physically and mentally.
Despite the older users are beneficial of using social media, use of social networking can adversely have negative effects them if they are using this technology without cautions. As mentioned by Levy, Chung, and Bedford (2014), aged-based discrimination prominently exists in the context of social media sites. Average age of Facebook users participating in online activities were between 20-29 and most of them were below 60 years of age. As a result of younger aged majority on social networking sites, the negative attitude towards the elderly users of some younger users extensively prevents older people from participating with younger generations on the social networking sites. Mutuality of respect is the real issue between older and younger Facebook users due to frequent occurrences of hate speech and negative age stereotypes.

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