Essay on Social Media Platforms that Strategic Communicators

Essay on Social Media Platforms that Strategic Communicators

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As journalists’ we have had to modify traditional media to web-based newspapers and learn to produce live information regarding situations. Technology has not only changed the traditional practices of journalist but has challenged strategic communication methods as well. Individuals in the public relations field, as well as in advertising, have stretched their creativity to new levels in order to reach an audience consumed with technology.
This paper will give examples of social media platforms that strategic communicators, such as those in public relations, advertising, and marketing, have used to reach audiences in new ways. It will also discuss ways these communicators are measuring their effectiveness and any issues that come with those measures.
According to a study conducted published by Business Horizaons, “consumers like to network with people who have interests and desires that are similar to their own. Organizations can leverage this desire by creating communities of like-minded individuals” (Mangold & Faulds, 2009, p. 361). As strategic communicators, it’s important to find ways to create these communities that encourage engagement and interaction with consumers.

Important Social Media Tactics:
Researchers Mangold and Faulds cover the concept of social media being a new asset to promotion in their 2009 study. They refer to social media as, “the new hybrid element of the promotion mix” (Mangold & Faulds, 2009, p.357). Sites such as Myspace, Livejournal and Xanga were some of the starting forces of social media. Since their start, they have faded into the background of a world that is run by newer sites such Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the large database of blogs that cover all kinds of topi...

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...Edition, 5, 57-74.

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