Social Media Network Technology Essay

Social Media Network Technology Essay

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Social Media Network Technology Paper
The web is no longer a read only product, it now has the ability to be interactive and particpatory. Users are able to interact over the internet with each other with instant messaging and emails and use social networks to share news, videos, and photos with others, bringing people with common interest, opinions, and experiences together and closer. Some of the most popular social networks include Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn. Currently social networks are mostly used to keep in touch with friends, colleagues, peers and family, there are far more benefits, that the social media platform can provide. This paper explores the topic of social media in modern education. There are benefits and disadvantages to social media being used in the classroom setting, and they are discussed in detail through the paper.

Social Media Network Technology in Education
To determine if social media network technology in education is or will be successful we need to determine what success is. What are the intended goals of using the social network technology in education? Currently I believe that the goals include initiating new ways of learning, learners sharing work, a general location for collecting resrouces, and a new way of conducting group work. With the goals of the social media technology in mind lets look at what social media is doing currently.
Advantages to the use of Social Network Technology
After reading all the uses of social media in the educational environment it was determined that any of the uses could be used in an e-learning environment. Social media allows for collaborative learning while providing the ability to capture and record discussions during group activities. As we m...

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