Essay on Social Media Is Not Only Significant For Individual Life

Essay on Social Media Is Not Only Significant For Individual Life

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In 1997, a website which was named Six Degrees as the first site of social media was built. Behind Six Degrees, the internet came into instant messaging and blogging era(HISTORY COOPERATIVE 2016). Social media collect online communications together, and they devoted to sharing information, cooperation, and interaction. Social media is very useful for businesses in Australia, it can gain more advantages than their contestants, commonly. No matter who businesses or consumers are, the use of social media is still rocket in Australia. As a result, these sites of social media have become the most popular methods of communication for everyone(Mentiplay 2016). In addition, social media is not only significant for individual life but also an indispensable communication tool. It is difficult to define that whether social media are good or bad, and the reason why is that social media bring a great deal of convenience with a large number of negative impacts at the same time. This assignment will discuss whether the steadily increased use of social media is positive or negative. First, a survey result can show the trend of social media in Australia then talking about some relationships and cyberbullying problems for striplings. Next, it will discuss a large number of positive effects for young individuals. Finally, it also will talk about the future of social media in Australia.

According to Social Media News(2016), in recent three months, the use of social media have still grown,and the most used media software is Facebook which keeps really steady. The second is YouTube which is still growing from July to now. The other really steady software is Instagram on the top 5. In the past two years, Twitter 's users have kept stagnant. From early ...

... middle of paper ... n.d.).

In conclusion, social media, which can 't be replaced, are the most important way for our modern communication. Although they are Irreplaceable, there are also a number of negative impacts taken to young people about relationships and cyberbullying. As for positive impacts, striplings can build up themselves by organizing and managing these social media. However, the present social media are totally similar and just a few different on their purposes. Even there are too many bad effects about social media, nowadays. According to HISTORY COOPERATIVE(2016), in the future with the development and increasingly sound legal system, social media would continue and become better, because humans are social animals and we can 't live without communication. Indeed, with technologies are growing, people would communicate with others by social media more often.

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