Social Media Is An Integral Part Of Our Daily Lives Essay

Social Media Is An Integral Part Of Our Daily Lives Essay

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Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives and is changing how we speak, write, and the language we use to communicate with each other. For individuals using social media words such as “like,” “retweet,” “hashtag,” “trending,” “pin,” “lurker,” “unfriend,” “viral,” “Facebook me,” and “follow,” have come into regular use and each word has its own meaning. For example, one may simply press a button to express “like” or show in agreement on Facebook or “retweet” on Twitter to share a message with others. Other words such as “hashtag” categorize information and make it easier for users to search topics while “trending” allows users to find out the most talked about topics. Moreover, the use of such social media words has changed the way people act and interact with each other every single day, and the overall effect this has had on American culture is a bad thing. The creation of this new social media language in our society is producing immediate negative effects which will continue in the future if individuals don’t change their current behaviors.
Joseph Kahn details how social media is changing our language and how it has created a new definition for the word “friend,” in the article, “What Does ‘Friend’ Mean Now?” He discusses how real friends are very different from virtual friends made on sites like Facebook or Tweeter. Experts who monitor changes in language are in agreement that that there are no clear markers and the dividers between the virtual world and the real one have become clouded. Nevertheless, online connections are not the same as real life relationships. Stanford University psychology professor and language expert, Lera Boroditsky states, “You saw friends in person or spoke to them on ...

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...acy, identity theft, defamation, stalking, isolation, lack of socialization, and adverse health effects. In addition, Americans are substituting a virtual world for the real one and are not enjoying what this world has to offer. American traditions are at stake if individuals are glued to electronic devices and addicted to social media sites. Moreover, continued use of this language can cause increased grammatical errors and more broken use of the English language in our everyday lives. This trend will continue far into the future, if Americans do not modify their current behaviors. Only when people become more selective in their posts on these networks and limit the amount of time they spend on social media sites will there be hope to reduce these negative effects. Changes must be started now to insure a brighter and healthier future for all Americans.

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