The Social Media Has Blurred The Distinction Between Public And Private And Personal And Work Life

The Social Media Has Blurred The Distinction Between Public And Private And Personal And Work Life

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The growth of the social media has blurred the distinction between public and private and personal and work life. It is becoming specifically a challenge for teachers whose comments and photos can enrage students and parents. The social media is no longer private for teachers because their posts are scrutinized by not only the administrators but also by the parents and the media. There are an increasing number of cases where teachers have been fired from their jobs because of the social media posts. As indicated in one of the class readings, a Florida teacher Jerry Buell was fired by the school board by posting comments in opposition to the legalization of gay marriage in New York. In another case, a New York City teacher Christine Rubino was dismissed for posting angry messages about her students. The freedom of speech is paramount in any progressive society and teachers’ freedom to express themselves on the social media should be allowed as long as it does interfere with the rights of students.
Teachers are obliged to uphold professional standards when dealing with schools, students, parents, and other stakeholders in the education sector. This means that all matters regarding their profession should be handled in a professional manner. The punishment that Christine Rubino received is supported by the fact that she failed to uphold professional conduct in relation to her students. Teachers have a responsibility of molding students in a manner that makes them become better members of society. It was wrong for Rubino to make demeaning comments about her students on the social media because it was against her professional obligation to students. It was an attack on the students’ personalities and private life. Teachers have a respo...

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...ey should be free to express their opinions on issues and their tastes and attitudes. Therefore, it was wrong to suspend Jerry Buell for opposing comments on gay marriage.
In conclusion, teachers’ freedom to express themselves on the social media should be allowed as long as it does demean their professional responsibility. There should be a clear distinction between the professional requirements of a teacher and the freedom to express personal opinions and attitudes on controversial issues outside the school. Just like other citizens, teachers should air their opinions as long as they do not touch on students or their engagement with schools. Therefore, it was fair to fire Ms. Rubino because of demeaning comments about students. However, it was unfair to fire Buell as he was expressing his opinion on a controversial issue that was outside his teaching obligations.

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