Essay on Social Media for Business Communication

Essay on Social Media for Business Communication

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Social Media for Business Communication

Social media is pertinent in use of communication throughout today’s organizations. There are many social media platforms that allow organizations to convey communication to potential consumers, stakeholders and the public. “It is essential for leaders to integrate these technologies and seek the best way to use social media and networks to the advantage of the business” (Billington, 2012, p.1). Business owners find that keeping up with current technology trends is essential in having a competitive advantage in the market place and having a strict set of standards and strategy is important in quickly adapting to social media trends.
The writer finds social media is important in her current organization, Modern Business Concepts, Incorporated (MBC). With small business organizations such as hers, social media is important in spreading information on who the company is and what they do. Also as a business-to-business sales and marketing company, spreading the word is important in gaining customers and potential employees. Ucok (2014) uses research and experiments to prove how social media is essential to marketing. These platforms were essential in Ucok’s research, resulting in higher response with marketing campaigns proving “the importance of social media in marketing strategy and communication” (Ucock, 2014, p. 95).
Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow users to access company information, photos and employees as well as ask questions and express personal experiences with the company. It also allows potential employees to understand the vibe of the organization and gain a deeper and more personal understanding than a website. However, with social media, it is important to not ove...

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...ence, education and publications. She has been published in Advances in Consumer Research. This article explains the use of social media in marketing strategies and describes an undergraduate study that incorporated marketing field experience into marketing, This source is useful in examining the importance of social media and marketing.
Wilson, A (2012). The Business of Influence. International Journal of Market Research, 54(3), 439-440. doi:10.2501/IJMR-54-3-439-440
Mr. Alan Wilson is a business professor for the University of Strathclyde. The author is an expert because of his education and experience. Wilson summarizes the book The Business of Influence, explaining the importance of all employees taking responsibility in the use of social media and how employees are all influencers. This article will help the paper explain how all employees are influential.

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