Social Media Enhances Social Relationships Essay

Social Media Enhances Social Relationships Essay

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Premise 1: social media enhances social relationships
Premise 2: social media hinders personal relations
Premise 3: Social media enhances social relationships more than it hinders them
Conclusion: social media enhances social relationships
The topic for this paper is ‘The role of social media in social relationships’. The social media plays a big role in shaping how people relate with each other. It creates a platform where people can meet and grow their relationship. There are several cases of people who have met on social media and their relationship has grown very strong; some even end up as best friends or even couples. The thesis statement of this paper is; Social media enhances social relationships more than it hinders them. I strongly support this statement because in my view, social media improves social relationships.
The main argument for this paper is that the social media has the ability to enhance relationships among people. It argues that this platform gives people an opportunity to meet and get to know each other well, and these results to a good social relationship. The argument is intended to be inductive and uses three premises:
Premise 1: social media enhances social relationships
Premise 2: social media hinders personal relations
Premise 3: Social media enhances social relationships more than it hinders them
And a conclusion; social media enhances social relationships.
According to the first premise, social media is a tool that enhances social relations. The second premise argues that social media hinders social relation; some people get so busy with the social media that they become anti-social. For example, there those who spend most of their time on Facebook or Instagram that they forget to interact with p...

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...people. It gives people an opportunity to meet as well as enhance their relationships. There are several social media platforms that offer this opportunity such as the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Although the social media promotes social relationships, in some instances it hinders it especially in cases where people prefer to be on the social media than spend time with their friends and family and make their relationships strong.

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